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Spraying scented disinfectants/perfumes into your gloves or workout gear will only promote bacterial and fungi growth?
They thrive best in dark and damp environment!

Start using HappyPocketSun™ to dry the insides of your Muay Thai/Boxing gloves or any other workout gear!
Our custom-made UVC bulbs remove odours and kill nasty bacteria, fungi & even virus.

Smell the Sun!

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Worldwide Shipping

Yes, we offer shipping to you anywhere in the world for just
$10 flat rate!
Shipping includes Tracking Features too!
Click here for more details and transit time.

How To Use HappyPocketSun™

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HappyPocketSun is now restocked and updated to version 2.0!

Our chipset is now made and sourced directly from Japan.

The color for our HDPE Protective Shield has been updated to Khaki Green.

Don't miss out again and quickly check out now.

What Others Say - "Godsent Invention"

"This godsent invention actually help me clear the stench in my 1 year unwashed boxing gloves.
It’s also noob friendly, convenient for noobs like me"

Ananda, Singapore

What Others Say - "Smell the SUN"

"I finally can smell the sun INSIDE my gloves. No more stinky fingers after boxing classes.
Great for head gear and shin guards too."

Felicia, Singapore